Retire my old barbour, never. The zippered pocket for carrying freshly shot game, across the back of the jacket, has always come in handy.I bought mine in Farlows about twenty years ago and I am still wearing it. barbour landry baffle quilted jacket burnt orange The jacket has had a few disagreements with rose bushes in the last few years as I now mainly wear it in the garden.Barbour ones were very popular with Chavs around my part of the world so I tend not to wear mine as much as I used to.

My wife has a number of these in different colours and we call them our M&S jackets as the staff there used to wear similar ones to go into their food freezers back in the early 1990s.Let me know when you source an acceptable one…because I can’t find one suitable. barbour landry jacket Admiral- I’m going to ask you to send me your old one and I shall patch it up and re-cut it to fit me. I’ll offer to send you an Hermes scarf in exchange – I get the impression you’re one of the daring

i love these jackets…i don’t have one but i’m at the search for the right one!this kind of jacket is the most appropriate for winter in Greece.I had one as a teen (as a 16yr old) and unfortunately discovered that they don’t fit me (or my character) was a green one, I cannot exactly remember what manufacturer, though. barbour international wax jacket mens I believe either a French one (maybe Facionable?) or some British one, maybe John Partridge? They seem to be very en vogue again this year, just saw some the other day in beige or navy with red lining.

Does ANYONE know what kind of v-neck sweater vest the man in the picture is wearing? cheap barbour wax jackets (under the jacket but over the button-down shirt) It looks very nice and I’m DESPERATELY searching to find that exact one! If anyone knows which brand it may be, or where I may be able to buy it (or something very similar) PLEASE let me know! Thanks a lot!

barbour kelsall waxed jacket

Barbour Ladies' Jackets | Jackets & Coats for Women

  • Waxed cotton motorcycle jacket from Barbour International.
  • 6oz, fabric in Sylkoil waxed cotton
  • Fits that autumn and summer jacket.
  • Slim fit, a narrower and more tailored fit of the somewhat more spacious original model International Original Jacket.
  • Closed with powerful zipper, trykknappar as well as the waist belt.
  • Four front pockets and an inner pocket.
  • Slithered in the pattern Barbour Dress Tartan.
  • Face fabric slithered matches the scarf Tartan lambwool scarf dress.
  • Patch with embroidered logo on the right breast.
  • Push buttons at the bottom of the arms.
  • The jacket should be waxed about once a year with Barbour Thornproof Dressing.

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